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Discontinued from Nikon. The ECLIPSE E200 uses Nikon’s CFI60 optical system—highly-acclaimed infinity corrected optics used in Nikon research microscopes. The result is stunningly sharp and clear images with less chromatic aberration. With the ECLIPSE E200, Nikon has designed a simple and easy-to-use system that reduces fatigue from useover long periods. With a robust structure and anti-mold design, the ECLIPSE E200 offers high quality and accuracy that can be retained for years even in hot and humid environments. The ECLIPSE E200 offers exceptional operability and durability, and high-quality images. It can be used for various purposes, such as educational, clinical laboratory use and basic research.


  • Main body: Optical system CFI60 Infinity Optical System, Parfocal distance: 60mm

    Illumination: High luminescent white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination)
    6V20W/6V30W halogen lamp, Compliant multi-voltage (100 V-240 V)
    Eyepieces: (F.O.V.) CFI E 10x (20 mm)

    Focusing:  Coaxial coarse/fine focusing, Right: fine, Left: coarse/fine, Focusing stroke: 26.5 mm, Coarse: 37.7 mm/rotation,
    Fine: 0.2 mm/rotation, Coarse motion torque adjustable, Refocusing function

    Tubes: E2-TB Binocular Tube
    E2-TF Trinocular Tube, Eyepiece/Port: 100/0, 0/100, 360º rotatable
    Extension: up to 40 mm

    Nosepieces: Quadruple nosepiece (within main body)

    Stages: Rectangular stage (within main body), with specimen holder, Cross travel: 78 (X) x 54 (Y) mm

    Objectives (NA / W.D., mm): CFI E Plan Achromat 4X (0.10 / 30)
    CFI E Plan Achromat 10X (0.25 / 7.0)
    CFI E Plan Achromat 40X (0.65 / 0.65)
    CFI E Plan Achromat 100X Oil (1.25 / 0.23)
    CFI Achromat DL and other higher-grade CFI60 objectives can be used.

    Condensers: E2 Abbe Condenser NA 1.25, Aperture diaphragm with position guide markings for respective CFI E Plan objectives
    E2 Phase Condenser NA 1.25, Aperture diaphragm with position guide markings for respective CFI Achromat DL objectives

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