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Engineered for clinical and classroom applications, ACCU-SCOPE's EXC-120 Series is equipped with sharp, high contrast objectives on a rugged, die-cast aluminum frame designed for years of heavy use. Featuring ergonomic focusing controls, all brass gears and the widest field of view eyepieces in its class, the EXC-120 Series delivers exceptional value and performance for an entry level clinical microscope.


Available with a LED illuminator allowing for tremendous energy savings, the EXC-120 Series provides superb brightness.


Trinocular Head Available (EXC-123)


SKU: EXC-120
  • DIN Optical System, f=160mm, Anti-Mold


    Viewing Head

    Choice of monocular, monocular with camera port, binocular, or trinocular
    Inclined 30° and rotatable 360°
    Single diopter adjustment 55-72mm
    Interpupillary distance adjustment 48-75mm binocular / 55-75 trinocular


    WF10x/18.5mm field of view; a pointer is standard in one eyepiece; eyepieces are locked-in to prevent classroom tampering and accept 19mm reticles


    Rear facing, quadruple, ball bearing with positive
    click stops to ensure parcentration
    Choice of archomat, plan, or plan phase objectives; Standard configurations include: 4x, 10x, Semi-Plan 40xR* and 100xR oil* -- (*spring-loaded).
    Stage size 150mm x 139mm; travel area 75mm (X) x 32mm (Y) movement with right hand control; vernier scale reading to 0.1mm
    N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser on rack and pinion with iris diaphragm and swing-out filter holder
    Cast alloy aluminum; built in fixed focus stop allows for rapid focusing while protecting specimens; built-in carry handle and cord hanger
    Variable LED illumination; bulb life rated for 20,000 hours; UL approved
    Focusing System
    Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with an adjustable tension control; all metal gears
    Dust cover, immersion oil and instruction manual included



    • Binocular Microscope dimensions: 255mm (L) x 198mm (W) x 368mm (H)
    • Physical weight: 15 lbs.
    • Shipping dimensions: 15" x 11" x 19"
    • Shipping weight: 17 lbs.


    • 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor and electronic components.
    • 1 year warranty on LED bulb
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